About us

Welcome to the Oakmont Performing Arts Boosters!

We are dedicated to supporting our students of Oakmont High School,  in giving them the best educational experience possible. We have a wide variety of students ranging from Beginners to International Baccalaureate in Music, Dance and Drama. Our main objective is to raise the funds required to cover the financial needs of the programs, and give students the tools needed to grow and succeed.

Our next meeting will be on
August 8 in the Oakmont Band Room at 7 PM

Where does our money go?

Oakmont High School and the Roseville Joint Unified High School District are firm supporters of the performing arts, however they are unable to budget enough funding for the programs to allow our students to fully experience the High School Performing Arts.  This is where the OPAB Board steps in, as parents of Oakmont High School Performing Arts Students, we help the teachers in the Band, Choir, Dance and Drama departments to provide items for the students that the school and district are unable to.

  • We help purchase, and keep in good repair, the equipment needed for each program, so that every student has access to the tools needed to play and perform.
  • We help cover the costs of uniforms, so our performing arts programs make a better visual display when performing for competition and demonstration.
  • We help cover entry fees for festivals and competitions so that our students can perform and gain feedback to help them grow their talents.
  • We help cover the cost of busing and food to feed our students on their trips.
  • We help buy music, lots and lots of music!
  • For students that excel, we cover select Northern California Honor programs depending on funding.
  • We also offer scholarships to various music camps
  • And we offer an educational scholarship to qualified graduating students to help cover college expenses.   We do all this and so much more!

Where do our funds come from?

Most of our funds come from the Saturday matinee bingo session that we run at the Grand Oaks Palace Bingo Center, 7919 Auburn Blvd, Citrus Heights, CA.

Every Saturday morning, Oakmont Parents Volunteer to offer Bingo games to the masses of nearby Placer and Sacramento County Residents. Come join us, either to play or volunteer a morning with other Oakmont Parents, and help your program earn funds for your students!

Additional funding for the Oakmont Performing Arts programs comes from fundraisers coordinated and set up by the parents and performing arts programs including the annual Marching Band Field Show in October and the Winter & Spring shows for Dance, Drama & Music.  Watch for more fundraisers coming soon!

We also receive funding from direct donations from parents and business sponsors.  If you would like to make a donation to the Oakmont Performing Arts Boosters, or if you have or know of a business that would like to become a sponsor, please contact the OPAB Treasurer at treasurer@myopab.org for more info.

All of this is organized by the OPAB Board of Directors listed below. We need your participation. If your student is participating in an Oakmont Performing Arts class this year and you would like to assist us on the Board, come to the next Board meeting on August 8, at the Oakmont High School Band Room @ 7PM.

We can’t wait to meet you!

Current OPAB Board:

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